Elderly Victims Crime Unit secures more than 130 years in prison sentences in 2015

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MACON COUNTY - The Macon County State's Attorney's Office has announced that the Elderly Victims Crime Unit has secured sentences equaling more than 130 years in prison for individuals who have committed crimes against senior citizens in 2015.

According to a news release from Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott, the unit filed 97 felony cases throughout 2015, resulting in 42 felony convictions and prison sentences totaling 133 years.  Restitution totaling nearly $9,500 was also ordered to be paid to elderly victims.

The Elderly Victims Crime Unit was put into place in January 2013, with the Elder Fraud Hotline being added shortly after.  The line, monitored by Scott and Macon County Sheriff Thomas Schneider, answered more than 900 calls in 2015.

Scott says crimes against the elderly are "among the most under reported to law enforcement," and that "a big part of our effort has been encouraging senior citizens to contact law enforcement when they've been victimized.

If you believe you've been contacted by a scammer, or believe you have fallen victim to a fraud, call the Elder Fraud Hotline at (217) 615-7582.

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