Local Organizations coming together for Decatur Water Challenge

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DECATUR – Several local organizations will serve as drop-off locations for water to be taken to Flint, Michigan, as part of the Decatur Water Challenge.

The challenge began with individuals from the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Academy calling residents to action on social media sites to donate water for Flint, Michigan. They use the hashtag #decaturwaterchallenge and make videos agreeing to donate and call out and tag friends to do the same.

Donations can be made by purchasing water or by giving a monetary donation to an organization so they can purchase the water. Nursery water is also being accepted, and participants are encouraged to bring it.

Water and monetary donations can be dropped off at the following locations:

Those who cannot drop off water can also call 217-412-6933 to have their donations picked up. Any questions or donation declarations should also be directed to that number. They are also in need of volunteers.

The donations will be heading to Flint at 7 PM on Friday, January 29, so all donations should be in before then.

Additionally, the Macon County Sheriff's Office has also started their own water challenge and will be collecting as well.

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