Land of Lincoln Goodwill, Dell offering free computer equipment recycling program

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SPRINGFIELD - Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries has announced it will partner with Dell to provide a free program for recycling computer equipment.

The program, titled "Dell Reconnect," will allow residents to donate old computer equipment at one of 12 Land of Lincoln Goodwill stores in central Illinois.  All equipment received will be inspected by trained staff, who will determine whether to reuse or recycle it.

Equipment that can be reused will be cleaned, tested, and resold in a Goodwill store.  Equipment that cannot be resold will be broken down and recycled securely and responsibly.  Officials say donations should have all personal data wiped from hard drives or other storage media.

Individuals who donate computer equipment will be able to receive a receipt for tax purposes.  For more information about Land of Lincoln Goodwill, click here.

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