Mattoon P.A.D.S. Shelter receives New Home through Gift of Property

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MATTOON – In an update to a story WAND News brought you in October, the Mattoon Area P.A.D.S. homeless shelter has received a gift of property from a resident, which will allow them to build a new facility.

As WAND previously reported, the existing shelter at 2017 Broadway Avenue was considered too small to suit its need by its leaders. Back in October, shelter officials attempted to get the shelter moved to a new site at the corner of 25th and Marshall.

The Mattoon City Planning Commission rejected the plans, so the shelter was unable to claim a new site.

On January 27, shelter officials told WAND News that Mattoon resident Victoria Krull had donated a building, located at 1812 Western Avenue. Her son Mark Krull also joins in giving the shelter this gift. Victoria Krull is the widow of Adolph Krull, who was a prominent businessman in Mattoon. The two are making the donation in his memory.

Krull said she chose to make the donation after she realized the need for a property located outside of a residential area, as neighbors of the previously proposed location were concerned it would draw potentially dangerous visitors.

“I believe that this property is ideally located for P.A.D.S. and that they can move forward with their plans to build the new shelter. There is a need to help the homeless,” Krull says.

P.A.D.S. President Nancy Cole says the organization is “extremely grateful and humbled” by this donation.

The gifted property is located in the downtown commercial district, which is only about two blocks from the current facility.

Officials say they plan to build a 4,000 square foot building on the property. That will give the organization enough room to provide two family rooms to keep homeless families together when they stay in the shelter. A combination dining room and conference room will provide space for the P.A.D.S. soup kitchen, as well as day programming that will be provided for its guests.

P.A.D.S. officials say the next step is to find money to demolish the existing 100-year-old vacant building that is on the property, so they can build a new facility. The new building will be designed by Upchurch & Associates.

Cole says the cost for demolition is estimated at about $50,000.

Those with any questions about the project or want to make a donation can call Mattoon P.A.D.S. at 217-234-7237.

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