Unions Critical of Governor's State of State Address


Springfield - While the state continues to run without a budget, all eyes were on the governor Tuesday to hear his plan for the state this year.

"Like it or not, there's a serious deficit in public trust when it comes to government in Illinois," Rauner told those gathered inside the Illinois House of Representatives.

In his speech, Governor Rauner held no punches when placing blame on unions and their workers for part of the state's financial situations.

"Unfortunately the compensation demands being made by AFSCME leaders are out of touch with reality.  Adjusted for the cost of living, we already have the highest paid state employees in America," said the governor.

Union leaders said that not only were the governor's numbers wrongs, so were his claims.  They even said that the governor was being hypocritical when it comes to worker pay.

"He says, 'I want the people to enjoy good wages and good benefits,' but yet the turnaround agenda that he's been promoting for the last year, I don't know how you can look at that and say that's about reducing wages and benefits for people who are in the middle class," said Illinois AFL-CIO president Michael Carrigan.

Lawmakers will get another shot at passing a budget when they return to Springfield in February.

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