Decatur police increasing distracted driving enforcement efforts

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DECATUR - The Decatur Police Department has announced that it will increase enforcement efforts regarding distracted driving.

Decatur police say the efforts will focus on discouraging the use of cell phones or other electronic devices while driving.  Officials say they hope to lower the number of accidents related to distracted driving, which were up in 2015.

Decatur police also say hands-free use of cell phones through a blue tooth device is recommended, and that there are a few exemptions to the law, which include:

- Reporting an emergency situation to emergency personnel
- Pulling onto the shoulder of the road to use their phone
- Using the phone when normal traffic is obstructed and their vehicle is in park and neutral.

However, authorities say using a cell phone while waiting at a stop light during normal traffic flow is not an exemption to this law.

For more information about the Decatur Police Department, click here.

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