Decatur Water Challenge Trip


DECATUR- The Decatur Water Challenge took off into a success even the creator Jacob Jenkins couldn’t believe.

From a goal of just 1,000 cases of bottled water to more than 3,000 plus donations, the #Decaturwaterchallenge proved once again, the support of the Central Illinois community.

In one of the nations current water crisis in Flint, Mi a social media phenomenon was born into existence.

Creator of the movement Jacob Jenkins said, “"we didn't have a lot of money to give but i knew if we came together as a community we could provide them with enough water to where if they wanted to brush their teeth they could if they wanted to bathe they could bathe."

Alongside Jacob, Jamian Holder Sr. was a spearhead in the initiative to surpass the original goal.

Holder said, “"Flint is the same size of Decatur geographically the average human being needs 11 bottles of water per person per day to do basic things brush your teeth take a slight bath in the sink things like that."

The two along with several volunteers packed a U-haul and took off for Flint Friday evening.

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