Father Goes The Distance For Paralyzed Son

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DECATUR – On December 8, 2005 the Lazzell family’s life changed forever.

They were involved in a car accident that paralyzed their four year old son Brandon from the chest down. Now fourteen years old, he, like most boys his age, is growing. The Lazzell’s face a problem unique to most other families.

Brandon is now 5’6’’ and 180 pounds, and Matt and Dana Lazzell are finding it difficult to transport him anywhere he needs to be such as doctor appointments.

That’s because the family mini-van is not handicap accessible, and Brandon has to be lifted in and out of the van from his wheelchair. His father Matt works, but the family of five is on a limited budget and can’t afford to purchase the custom handicap accessible van.

Besides school, Brandon is stranded at his home in Decatur, unable to visit with friends and attend school functions or go to the park with his brother and sister.

Matt has contacted several agencies for help and was told that, unless his son has a terminal disease or is mentally handicapped, there was nothing they could do for him.

Refusing to give up, Matt has started a GoFundMe page to collect donations that will be used to buy a handicap accessible vehicle so Brandon can live life like any fourteen year old boy. So far, contributions have not met the family’s expectations.

If you want to contribute, follow the link here.

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