Lincoln bar patrons can take Safe Rides home for Super Bowl

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LINCOLN – Those celebrating the Super Bowl on February 7 at bars in Lincoln, Illinois, can have a free ride home.

Anyone who has alcoholic drinks that Sunday is encouraged to take advantage of safe rides provided by Callico Cab of Lincoln and paid for by Healthy Communities Partnership. The Healthy Communities Partnership has been paying to provide this service on several major holidays and events.

HCP Manager Angela Stoltzenburg says they aim for this service to keep the streets safer for everyone as they go about their Super Bowl weekend activities.

“Our hope is that the community will remember the service is available and that bartenders will suggest it when necessary,” Stoltzenburg adds.

In order to receive a free ride home within the city limits, patrons should ask their bartender for a Safe Ride ticket. They will be provided one free of charge.

The next Safe Ride night will be St. Patrick’s Day: Thursday, March 17.

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