Low Interest Loans Sought For Flood Victims


Kincaid – It was a double whammy for George Dees.

“I lost two furnaces, two hot water heaters,” Dee’s told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  At age 69, he had two homes flood on the same block, including the one he lives in.  “Three feet (of water) in my front room and it was deeper back there (in a back room).”

FEMA and the Small Business Administration have begun assessing damages in nearly two dozen counties.  The flood waters came with late December rains shortly after Christmas.

Christian County will try to recoup money paid out for the emergency response while it’s hoped the SBA may be able to provide money to some homeowners like George.

“We’re really going to look at more of the residential impact so folks that have to rebuild they can apply for either low or no interest loans through the Small Business Administration,” said Mike Crews the Christian County Emergency Manager.

Dees says this is the worst flooding he has seen since moving into his home 40 years ago.

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