HCI Alternatives Previews Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Springfield - Business won't be open for another two weeks, but HCI Alternatives is already hoping business will be good for medical marijuana sales.

"You can come in and get your product and leave, but a lot of them are coming in and talking with our staff and saying what can i do for this?  What can I do for that," said HCI CEO Christ Stone.

In order for a patient to purchase medical marijuana in Illinois, they have to be a responsible card carrying person.  At HCI, they said that it's much like like the FOID card.  If you don't follow the law, you lose your privileges.

"I think it's a very good comparison to the FOID card because it's a privilege, it's not a right.  They have to take care of it and follow the laws, or they'll lose their privilege," said HCI director of education Jay Cook

Additionally, if this pilot program goes well in Illinois, Stone believes Illinois could someday legalize marijuana for recreational use.

"I would say yes, definitely, but there still has to be a lot of research done on it, but I would tell you that the dosing issue needs to be fixed for more states to go recreational," Stone added.

HCI Alternatives will be open for sales starting Monday February 15th.

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