Governor Proposes Changes to State's Procurement Rules


Springfield - February marks the eighth month of the fiscal year, and the state is still without a budget.

The governor and Republican lawmakers are introducing legislation that they say will help eliminate wasteful spending in the state.

"Procurement has been one of the largest sources of waste and abuse in our state," governor Bruce Rauner told reporters on Wednesday.

Champaign state senator Chapin Rose cited a $3B contract over prescription medicine in the state as an example.

"I asked the chief procurement officer, Mr. Bond, I said, 'so are we sure we got the best deal for the taxpayers?  Are we sure we got the best deal for the taxpayers?'  quote, 'absolutely, we don't know.  Absolutely, we don't know.'  This is a $3B contract.  That's insane," said Rose.

The governor's office estimates that by changing the state's procurement rules an estimated $500M could be saved.

That money could be put to use by colleges, universities, and their students according to Rose.

"Those of us in the higher ed world, would like to see this come back around to fund our universities.  It's a common sense approach that everybody should get behind.  The universities have been demanding it for years now.  Absolutely demanding it for years now," he said.

The governor and lawmakers will return to the Capitol next week where they will be addressed by President Barack Obama.

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