Decatur PD releases January statistics; pushing Extra Enforcement

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DECATUR – The Decatur Police Department has released statistics for January 2016, detailing nearly 100 citations regarding cell phone use while driving.

Deputy Chief of Police James Getz writes that the department increased traffic enforcement in regards to the use of cell phones and other electronic devices. Officers will be putting heavy focus on this issue in a yearlong effort throughout 2016.

Last month, the Decatur Police Department issued 98 citations for violations involving cell phones and electronic devices being in use while driving.

The Department believes the extra enforcement will address the public safety issue of distracted driving which result in vehicular accidents.

A statement from the Decatur Police Department reveals the total number of accidents was down 9 percent in January 2016 when compared to the total number of accidents in January 2015. The total number of personal injury accidents was down 18 percent compared to the previous January.

Decatur Police are asking the public to drive safely and avoid using cell phones while driving unless they are being used in the hands free mode.

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