Bullet Trap Gunning For Amateur Shooters

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Macon – A national amateur shooting competition is coming to Macon. 

“Had to keep this under wraps for a while,” Bullet Trap owner Dan Cooley told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “We spent about a year promoting this and going through the paperwork and certifying everything they wanted.”

The competition is the American Marksman Championship with the Bullet Trap providing the location for local competition.  Regional competition locations will be announced later this year.  The Bullet Trap is currently one of only 4 locations in the state of Illinois handling local qualifying.

The competition is for amateur men, women and youth.  Each will compete in separate divisions.  There is also a category for law enforcement and active military veterans.

Competitors can register at http://ammarksman.com/ which is the American Marksman site.  You can also obtain more information from the Bullet Trap (217) 764-5678.

Competition starts March 1, 2016.

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