Changing Of The Chief In Decatur

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DECATUR - After a one year stint as Police Chief, Brad Sweeney has been told to turn in his badge. A press release issued by the City Of Decatur states that the employment of Sweeney as an employee of the city of Decatur has been terminated.

No other reason was given for the abrupt dismissal. It also says that it is a personnel matter and that there would be no additional comment. Sweeney, a forty three year old Decatur native, has been on the force since 1995 starting off as a patrol officer. He recently spent 12 weeks training at the FBI Academy. During that time Deputy Police Chief James Getz served as interim Chief.

City Manager Tim Gleason told us today that once again Getz has been named interim chief for the Decatur P.D.  According to Gleason Getz is a seventeen year veteran of the force.

Gleason says no timetable has been set for interviewing or naming a new permanent police chief. He also said that the city is fortunate to have several Deputy Chiefs to choose from to replace Sweeney in the interim.

The City Manager also mentioned that they’re dealing with the matter of the termination first and then they’ll decide what the long term process will be.

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