Champaign County Sheriff's Office warns residents of phone scam

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY - The Champaign County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a new phone scam making its way through the area.

Deputies say they have received reports of a phone scam in which individuals falsely identify themselves as members of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office, in the hopes of tricking victims out of personal information or money.  

During the call, the scammers may tell the victim that a court appearance or jury duty has been missed, and that a fee must be paid in order to avoid being arrested.  Additionally, some of these calls will provide a phone number for a return call, and the call is answered as "Champaign County Sheriff's Office."

Deputies say this call is a scam, and that the Sheriff's Office will not ask for personal information over the phone, call to demand payments, or demand payment of fines under threat of arrest.  If you receive a call similar to the one described, you are urged to hang up and not give out personal information.

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