EIU President announces Layoff Notices, Furloughs and other changes

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CHARLESTON – In another email to the campus community, Eastern Illinois University President David Glassman announced there would be layoff notices, required furloughs and other changes in place as a result of the budget impasse.

Glassman writes that he appreciates the community’s understanding and patience during these times. He also said while there was little news from Springfield concerning the budget, the bills being filed to support higher education were “a positive sign that [the State’s] lawmakers are realizing the urgency and critical nature of what we are facing.”

EIU’s President goes on to say the University will have to lay off 198 civil service employees, as he warned about in his previous email. Layoff notices will be delivered on Wednesday and Thursday (February 10 and 11).

President Glassman does point out that if an appropriation is enacted and funds begin to be received at the University by the layoff date of Saturday, March 12, that many or all of these layoff notices could be rescinded.

Glassman also writes that beginning March 1, all A&P employees will be required to take the equivalent of one day of furlough per week, each month, until further notification or up until June 30, 2016. For those employees who were already required to take a specific number of furlough days, those days will be added until an employee has reached a total of 24 furlough days at which time they have met the maximum furlough limit.

There will be the following number of furlough days:

  • March: 5 Days
  • April: 4 Days
  • May: 4 Days
  • June: 5 Days

A reduction in A&P required furlough days is possible upon the enactment of an appropriation and timely receipt of funds from the state.

According to the President’s email, university administration is working on alternative strategies that may allow for reducing the number of layoffs.

The annual Years of Service luncheon will also be postponed due to the budget situation. It may not occur later in the year, perhaps not until next fall.

Glassman once again calls for the EIU community to remain positive as they wait for appropriation to be given to the university from the State.

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