Interim RCC President: Familiar Leader and Face

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DECATUR – New Interim President for Richland is a returning face for the college.

Dr. Chuck Novak held the role as RCC President from 1989 – 2001. Up until current RCC President Dr. Gayle Saunders, 15 year run, it was the longest running title.

But as of February 29, Dr. Gayle Saunders will retire from her role she served in so successfully.

Entering in a familiar leader and face.

Lisa Gregory, Community Relations for RCC said, "To bring someone back who has served already as a president or CEO capacity and who can hit the ground running it really benefits all of us."

Dr. Novak said, "RCC was very kind to me and my family both our sons graduated from RCC and I told them I would help if needed."

Dr. Novak is eager to return to the institution and people that he missed. His term will begin in March and will last 6-8 months until a new replacement has been found.

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