Governor, Lawmakers Prepare for President's Return to Capitol


Springfield - Springfield is catching Obama fever as the president returns to the city where he held his first elected office.

Governor Bruce Rauner and lawmakers alike are interested in what the president will talk about .

"We share a passion on education reform.  I hope he'll talk about that.  He also has been a very strong proponent of term limits and redistricting reform.  I hope he will talk about those two issues as a way to help restore good government and functional government.  I know he's been frustrated by the gridlock in Washington and he's talked about the importance of bipartisan compromise.  We need that here," said Rauner.
Springfield state representative Tim Butler told WAND that,"obviously this is a big issue in the state of Illinois right now.  Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to put a redistricting reform referendum on the ballot in the fall.  I think it's a great opportunity for the president to speak directly to the members of the General Assembly and the people of Illinois to talk about the importance of redistricting reform.  So I'm hopeful he will bring that up tomorrow and I'm hopeful that Speaker Madigan would maybe he his word on it as well."

That will leave all eyes on the state Capitol and the president.

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