Gov. Rauner shares his next focus on Eve of President's Visit

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SPRINGFIELD – As President Obama prepares to visit the lawmakers in Illinois, Governor Rauner wanted to share an update on his next focus with the legislature.

Not the turnaround agenda items, but a new push for reform. Tackling reformations for government, education, labor and much more all to put Illinois back into the deck as a competitive entity. But with his democratic legislature seemingly resistant to change, the Governor continues to become frustrated.

Rauner said, "So I’ve said to the speaker, I’ll work with the tax reform and new revenue, but we need to do reforms. He’s refused, and I said, speaker vote for a tax hike get it done or work with us. It’s gotta be one or the other we can’t have you do an unbalanced budget and not do the taxes."

Rauner mentioned his hopes for President Obama's arrival.

He said, "I am primarily going to focus on his thoughts on how we get compromise as the leader of the Democratic Party. How can I work with the Dem legislature? How can I bring democrats around to getting reforms and giving that he has supported term limits and supporting redistricting in the past, does he have any advice on how I can work with democrats?"

President Obama will meet with Governor Rauner when Air Force One lands Wednesday morning.

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