Vandalism yields calls for respect, tolerance


After a menorah outside the Chabad Jewish Center in Champaign was damaged for the third time in recent months, the center’s executive director is calling for efforts to make the University of Illinois Campus more respectful of differences.

“We are in conversation with the university to see what we can do to better education,” said Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel. “Kids come to college, they don’t just come to get a degree. You come to college to learn to be a functioning member of society, to learn how to respect and treat others as well. The university can do more, and they want to do more, and hopefully will do more to help students understand cultural diversity.”

The center has installed several security cameras, one of which caught the latest incident which damaged the symbol early Sunday morning. One University of Illinois student from California faces a preliminary charge in the case.

Meanwhile, Tiechtel said his center has received support from religious groups and others in the community since Sunday’s vandalism.

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