The Gender Gap


DECATUR - Recent studies have shown products for women cost more than men. It’s called a pink tax – and may be costing more than you think.

WAND visited several local chain stores, and found this to be true. Most of the discrepancies were a few cents, some a few dollars.  Some costumers were surprised, others not so much.

Marilyn Johnson: ”I am used to it. Doesn’t surprise you at all. Does not surprise me at all” says Marilyn Johnson.  Products for guys verses the girls wasn’t always cheaper.

“It’s been like this awhile and you know they are the same. Children are children. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a boy or a girl” says Johnson.  If you want to find similar products, they are usually an aisle over – or on a nearby shelf. If you don’t mind buying a product marketed for a different gender, it might save you some money at the register.

“I don’t, but my daughter does She uses men’s deodorant because it’s cheaper” says Wendy Campbell.

Cheaper and you will smell just as good.

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