Senator Durbin; Educators Concerned About Future of Higher Ed During Budget Impasse


Springfield - A place of higher learning, leading to higher career potential, the University of Illinois in Springfield offers students a chance at a bright future.

However, students, educators, and US Senator Dick Durbin are afraid that if the state's budget impasse continues those future goals may never come to fruition.

"Reductions in state support are not new to us.  It's not as if this is the first time that has ever happened.  If you've seen the graph, it shows the gradual reduction going on for more than 10 years," said UIS Chancellor Susan Koch.

Springfield schools superintendent Jennifer Gill added that, "without funding and all of the public news that's out there about education, our juniors and seniors who are looking for their next steps are choosing to go south, north, east, and west of Illinois."

"When I think of all of the innocent groups that have been victimized by the failure to have a budget in this state, it is just unacceptable," said Durbin.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol on Wednesday where they will hear Governor Bruce Rauner's budget address for the upcoming fiscal year.

That could be one that may come with as much uncertainty as the current year.

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