Education Finance Reform To Be Discussed at State Capitol


SPRINGFIELD - Education reform will be front and center as a special task force will begin holding hearings.

At issue: the decades-old formula that some say unfairly penalizes students in poor school districts. The task force was formed by House Speaker Michael Madigan; House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie leads the panel.

Various lawmakers have proposed new formulas designed to solve the funding disparity. Senate President John Cullerton and Senator Andy Manar want to change the formula to guarantee more money to poor school districts.

Governor Bruce Rauner says he will not support a plan that takes money away from districts to give to others.

“What I would hope would happen is that we would see some leadership from the governor as well,” Manar told WAND News. “I know the governor’s interested in tackling this issue. He and I have had many conversations about it.”

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