Lawmakers and Community Leaders Concerned About FY-2017 Budget


Springfield - The deadline for a budget for the current fiscal year expired July 1st of last year.

However, lawmakers remain gridlocked eight months later, and as a result social service programs and universities are struggling to function.

"Many of us students are at risk of not finishing the education we've worked so hard for," said EIU student Frida Arellano.

Lawmakers from the north and central part of the state say the time for the stalemate to end is now.

"We have put off paying for necessities by mortgaging them in the future and making them that much more expensive," said Chicago state representative Robert Martwick.
"The people that stand behind me, the people in my home district today who are rallying for map grants deserve better leadership, and I intend to give it to them," added Champaign state representative Carol Ammons.

Chicago state representative Will Guzzardi also said that,"I hope that we can work together with folks from both sides of the aisle to build a better vision for Illinois than the one that we're going to hear about."

The governor will give his budget address at noon on Wednesday.

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