Educators Continue to Call for Change to State's Funding Formula


Springfield - While lawmakers continue to battle over a state budget, educators continue to fight for much needed dollars in their own school districts.

"We have greater concentrations of poverty, particularly south of Interstate 80, and we need a formula that reflects those new demographics," said Pana schools superintendent Dr. David Lett.

The state's education funding formula hasn't seen a chance since 1997, and educators like Lett said that the time for a change is now.

"No one wants to see any district have money taken away, but the problem is for the past five years we've had money taken away from districts like Pana, Taylorville, and districts that are mirror images of us in under that pro-ration we've been unduly penalized because we're so dependent of state aid.  And we have a formula that is bordering on 30 years old and that does not reflect the demographics of the state any longer," he added.

The governor has said he agrees the state's education formula is out of date.

However, he has also said that he would not support legislation that would take away money from a school district while giving more to others.

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