#TeamTaylor Take it to the Board


DECATUR- #TeamTaylor was in full force at the Board of Education’s special meeting Tuesday night. With a resounding consensus from the community to keep Superintendent Lisa Taylor’s contract past 2017.

The board reached an agreement of 4-3 to not renew the Superintendents contract. The questions are still going unanswered as the meeting to discuss the districts $3.9 million deficit was full of emotion from staff, students, parents and Decatur residents.

Although, Board President Sherri Perkins Declines to respond to the conversation consensus. Long term board member Dan Oakes said, "I think what she’s done is a fantastic job she’s brought people together that surprised us and to take a superintendent of that caliber and not continue her employment is just a waste."

The board will hold the next meeting to vote of Budget recommendations next Tuesday February 23rd.

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