20,000 Postcards demanding College Grants delivered to Gov. Rauner

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SPRINGFIELD – The “Fund Our Future” coalition, represented by college students from around the state, delivered 20,000 postcards to Governor Rauner demanding he restore funding for MAP grants.

The Monetary Award Program (MAP) allows students in need of financial help to attend Illinois colleges and universities. Due to the state budget impasse, the MAP program remains unfunded. According to coalition officials, Governor Rauner can fund the program immediately by signing Senate Bill 2043.

Student Marie Penny says she, along with fellow students from Governor State University, Northeastern Illinois University and Northern Illinois University, were at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 16, to represent themselves and other students who are unsure if they can continue pursuing a college education without MAP grants.

“We deserve an education and the Governor has the power to help us continue our college dreams,” Penny says.

The delivery of these postcards kicks off three days of action demanding the Governor take action in restoring funding to universities. Activities include rallies on campuses, social media campaigns and calls to the Governor’s office.

WAND recently reported on a rally at Eastern Illinois University calling for funding as well.

WAND News will continue to follow news from Capitol closely as the budget impasses wages on.

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