Millions Invested In Decatur Boost Local Economy

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Decatur – A new Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn & Suites, a furniture store, Convey, FirsTech and a national chain donut shop.  Economic development has been booming in Decatur.  It’s not likely to slow down anytime soon.

Patrick Hoban handles economic development for the city of Decatur says the boom may not cool off anytime soon.  More projects are in the pipeline.

Groundbreaking is set for February 26th for another large project.  The exact nature of that event remains under wraps but it will use state tax credits as an incentive.

A new fast food restaurant will see groundbreaking on the east side possibly in the next several weeks.  While developers are looking at condo development both downtown and on the Decatur lakefront.

Hoban says over $40 million was invested in projects both in 2014 and again in 2015.  He says nearly $1 billion has been pumped into economic development in Decatur in the past 9 years.                                       

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