Illinois Health System And Hospital Combine Resources


Hospital Sisters Health System and Shelby Memorial Hospital say they will pursue sharing and aligning their resources in an effort to improve patient experience and health care services throughout Shelby County.

HSHS operates several local health systems in central Illinois. It is affiliated with physician groups near SMH.

"Over the years SMH and HSHS have worked together to enhance and improve the healthcare for our community," said Marilyn Sears, SMH President and CEO. "Two of our most recent projects have been the Stat Heart and Stat Stroke programs. These programs over the past five years have saved countless lives of our friends and neighbors. This is why we at SMH are very excited to have this opportunity to continue and expand our longstanding relationship with HSHS," Sears added.

 Of the 13 hospitals HSHS operates, St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital in Effingham and St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur are within 35 miles of SMH, and St. John's Hospital in Springfield is located less than 60 miles away. HSHS and SMH representatives say the two organizations are working closely to identify additional benefits that can be used with shared resources and knowledge to better coordinate services.

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