Governor's Budget Address Contains Increased Funding for Education


Springfield - Democrats sat on one side while Republicans sat on the other.

It was a familiar divide for much of the last year at the Capitol.

As a result of that political split, in his budget address, Governor Bruce Rauner urged compromise on all fronts.

"I humbly ask you to join me in transforming our state for the better," the second year governor pleaded with lawmakers during Wednesday's budget address.

One place where the governor and lawmakers have found common ground is funding for Illinois schools.

"Our budget also proposes fully funding the general state aid foundation level for the first time in seven years.  This will mark the most state money we've ever invested in our school funding formula and eliminate any need for pro-ration," the governor said.

Forysth state representative Bill Mitchell added, "under the governor's plan, school districts in central Illinois will get 100% of what they're supposed to get rather than 92.  I think that's a positive thing."

"I'm a huger cheerleader, let's finally get funding for education fully funded.  Which is what we've been waiting for many, many years for that to happen so i'm very excited about that part," said Decatur state representative Sue Scherer.

Litchfield state representative Avery Bourne said that, "I think all sides are agreed that our school funding formula is out of date and need to look at redoing that, it's just how do we get there.  I think the best way to do it is through consensus where all sides can come together."

One glaring omission from the governor's budget address on Wednesday was any sort of planning for higher education for the upcoming fiscal year.

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