Governor Predicts More Tough Times Ahead if Lawmakers Fail to Compromise


Springfield -     Like last year, the governor painted a grim financial and job outlook for the state during his budget address on Wednesday.

He said that things would continue to be tough unless lawmakers compromise on changes.

The governor brought up the number of people who have left the state in recent years, and he talked about the number of jobs that have left as well.
Additionally, he talked about how much money the state has lost as people have migrated elsewhere.

"Our costs of government have grown rapidly while our tax base, companies and families who pay for it all, is declining.  Illinois today has fewer jobs and lower family incomes than we had in 1999," said Rauner.

There were some bright spots in his address that Democrats and Republicans did agree on.

Among those bright spots were the governor's plans for increased funding for early childhood education, as well as K-12 education.

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