Decatur Fire Department has a New Set of Wheels


DECATUR - The Decatur Fire Department has a brand new fire engine. The truck was ordered 10 months ago and delivered to the city, last week.

It'll take about two weeks to get all the equipment ready, so it will be ready to take on out on emergencies.

Fire Chief, Jeff Abbott says, "Well, what it's doing is replacing a 22 year-old fire truck that keeps breaking down and in our line of business it's pretty important that we have reliable equipment and the city is doing the best they can right now, with the finances they have to keep their equipment running. So whenever we can put a new one in service, it's a benefit to the community. For that reason, it's more reliable. It's not spending all that time out in that garage for breakdowns and the expense of repairs."

The Chief adds they are trying to make engines last longer, and they're confident they'll be able to do that by shuffling around some of the other trucks.

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