Decatur Memorial Looks To The Future

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Decatur – Decatur Memorial Hospital is making changes to compete in the new world of health care reform.

DMH has announced it is joining a hospital collaborative.  The BJC Collaborative serves more than 3 dozen hospitals in Illinois, Missouri and eastern Kansas.  It will allow DMH to improve technology and efficiency.

The goal of the collaborative is to provide high quality and cost effective health care to the people of Decatur.  Memorial Health System in Springfield and Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System in Mattoon are also members.

“These sorts of collaborative endeavors will ensure that not we not only survive but we thrive in the new world of health care reform,” DMH CEO & President Tim Stone told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “This collaboration, simply put, will allow us to be in existence as a community hospital for the next hundred years.”

Patient care will improve and the hospital will see cost savings.  While governance of the hospital will continue locally.  DMH has 300 licensed beds, 326 medical staff physicians and 2,142 employees.

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