Governor Rauner Vetoes Appropriations Bill

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SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is issuing a veto of Senate Bill 2043, which he says will boost the state's budget deficit and put a further strain on social service providers and recipients already suffering from the state's spending.

Senate Bill 2043 would appropriate $721 million for the Monetary Award Program and community colleges programs. Rauner says the General Assembly has not put forward a plan to for these programs. He added that the Governor's Office of Management and Budget concluded that Senate Bill 2043 would add $721 million to the state's budget deficit.

House Bill 4539 and Senate Bill 2349 would appropriate $1.6 billion for higher education programs, while Senate Bill 2789 would authorize the Governor, Comptroller, and Treasurer to identify and implement funding by reallocating funds and reducing spending in other areas. Rauner says together these bills would fund MAP, community college programs, and public universities, without exploding the deficit.

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