Harper Lee's Legacy


MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA- Passing away at age 89, famous American novelist, Harper Lee, 1926-2016, leaves behind a remarkable legacy and message.

Responsible for authoring the renowned “To Kill A Mockingbird,” during a time when racial injustice was an accepted theme in America, the book sold more than $40 million copies and went on to win the 1960 Pulitzer Prize.

After the wild success of the book turned movie in 1962, Lee’s success remained stagnant, as some have called her the last of the “literary recluses.”

She published “To Kill a Mockingbird” and infamously never followed it up with a second novel.

But the impact that, “To Kill a Mockingbird” has had on America is in large respect due to an author who remained humble but honest. It is in many school systems a required read apart of American Literature.

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