Some Payments Being Made Despite State's Budget Impasse

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SPRINGFIELD - Tax dollars are coming into the state, but many groups are still going unfunded or unpaid.

That includes colleges, state universities, as well as students who were promised Monetary Assistance Program grants to help pay for their higher education.

On Wednesday, Governor Bruce Rauner repeated the severity of the situation to lawmakers during his budget address.  He said that about 90% of the state is being paid through court orders and consent decrees.
While the governor and several lawmakers have said that the state could face bankruptcy if the impasse isn't settled soon, one political science professor at the University of Illinois at Springfield said that's not possible.

"States cannot go bankrupt.  They are sovereign under the U.S. Constitution.  You could end up with a situation where all of your tax dollars are going to pay debt service, pensions, and then bills from three years ago, but that doesn't mean you're bankrupt.  One thing, we're taking in money everyday," said Kent Redfield.

Lawmakers will once again debate a budget for the current fiscal year when they return to Springfield on March 1st.

Lawmakers have until June 30th of this year to pass a budget for FY-2017.

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