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Decatur, IL - Baby Talk in Decatur has grown up over the last thirty years.

Now it’s time for it’s founder and Executive Director to step aside. Claudia Quigg started Baby Talk in 1986 with the only notion that she could make a difference by positively impacting childhood development from the day they were born. She was determined to make an impact in the Decatur community by visiting both hospitals and delivering books to parents of newborns.

Claudia says she never could have envisioned the program would become what it is today. There are now one hundred twenty Baby Talk programs in Illinois and thirty one in other states.

Over the past three decades Baby Talk has ministered to over forty thousand newborns and infants in the Decatur area and countless thousands throughout the nation.  You can see a Baby Talk encounter here.

Claudia, who also teaches at Millikin University in Decatur, writes a weekly column and hosts a radio program, said she will still remain active with Baby Talk even after she retires in December.

According to Quigg, she made the announcement early so she could help train her replacement. No replacement has been named, however she did say that a search has begun.  

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