April Fuels Day On The Way

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DECATUR – If you hear a giant sucking sound coming from your wallet on April 1, 2016, it's because of a new motor fuel tax in Decatur.

Tuesday night, the Decatur City Council passed a five cent a gallon tax on unleaded fuel and a one cent a gallon tax on diesel fuel. The council said the petrol tax was necessary for road repairs within the city. The new tax comes on the heels of the council hiking property taxes which isn't sitting well with citizens of the Soy City.

At a local gas station today, many Decatur residents voiced their opinions.

Some are not happy with the implementation of the new tax and are skeptical that the money derived from the levy will be used for the purpose intended. Some aren't happy but will pay reluctantly if the monies collected will make for better roads. And still, others believe that fuel is taxed enough with Federal, State and local excise. 

One man espoused that if pump prices jump again to three or three and a half dollars per gallon then five cents a gallon will make a big difference to consumers in Decatur.

A Decatur resident with a fifteen gallon tank in their car will pay an additional seventy five cents per fill. If you fill that tank weekly, that's a thirty nine dollar per year loss to the Decatur consumer.

The city hopes to rake in a million and a half to two million dollars from the tariff. The toll is expected to expire after a ten year run.

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