There Are Possibilities With Disabilities

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Springfield,IL - The 8th Annual Disability To Possibility Conference was held today at Springfield Southeast High School.

For many parents of children with disabilities it was a school day. Many who attended the free event were able to learn more about what services were available to them and their children with a resource fair that included numerous exhibitors.

The breakout sessions were popular with parents as they were able to learn more about behavior, special education, eligibility for programs and transitioning to adulthood. Topics such as, “Help! My Child Is Struggling In School! What Can I Do?” were among those most attended by parents.

Assistance was also offered with completing the necessary forms for local and state assistance available to students with disabilities.

One parent, Candy Stenemeyer, was most concerned with transitioning. She is the mother of a 20 year old woman with Down Syndrome. She wanted the most and accurate information so that she could help her daughter become more independent. 

Lynn Evans attended because she wanted to be pro-active in raising her two disabled children. Lynn is the mother of a 15 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy and a 3 year old girl with Down Syndrome. She wanted to attend the transitioning class to help prepare her son for life on his own someday.

The Conference was presented by Springfield Public Schools,

Springfield Parents for Students with Disabilities

and the Sangamon County Transition Planning Committee.  

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