Benefit Raises Awareness of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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URBANA - This past weekend, the “Live Loud” benefit was held at The Canopy Club, to honor the memory of Angie Anderson and to spread the awareness of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. SJS is a severe reaction to medication that can be deadly.

Anderson was taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve and died four days later.

Her brother says it's such a rare condition, even the doctors didn't know what was wrong with her.  Timothy Anderson says, “"It was really just like a surprise to us and to all the doctors. Because for the majority of the time, they didn't know what was going on. Because it's such a rare thing, that they have only experienced it one other time."

Leann Rhineheart, a nurse practitioner at the Springfield Clinic says, “In Angie's case, her disease was rapidly progressing and the treatments that were given, were obviously trying to save her life. It has a mortality rate of 30%, if the patient goes from SJS to Tens. Because the skin is affected, there's treatment like a burn patient. So hydration and protecting the wounds are key, so the patient doesn't become septic and the disease does not progress.”

Symptoms of SJS include rash, persistent fever and blisters.

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