Battling Addiction


MT. ZION- A new kind of support group in the Mt. Zion area is tackling a nation wide drug epidemic. 
According to Katie Shreiner battling heroin addiction is unlike any other kind of battle. She said, "I was miserable, I literally thought I was living in hell."
Her mother Geralyn Shreiner has lived with a son, daughter, and a husband and countless other family members who all battle addiction of some kind. 
Geralyn said, "Satan doesn't discriminate and neither does heroin or cocaine or alcohol or whatever or whatever your drug of choice may be it doesn't discriminate."
Katie and her family members and neighbors want to start a support group for the Village of Mt. Zion an area that many believe affluent but not without its own fair share of drug issues. 
Deacon at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Jim Ghiglione said, "I really was surprised to hear how widespread the situation is not just in mt Zion but particularly in the mt Zion community."The group met for the 2nd time Monday night and the next meeting will be March 7, at 7:00 p.m. Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church .400 N Whitetail Circle Mt Zion, IL 62549

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