State Lawmakers Urge Funding for Higher Education


Charleston - It appears that there's no end in sight to the state's budget impasse.

That uncertainty in state funding has state universities like Eastern Illinois University worried what that will mean to them this summer and fall semester.

University and city leaders, along with state lawmakers, addressed those concerns inside EIU's Old Main on Tuesday.  The university's president has said that without an appropriation from the state's General Assembly job cuts could continue.  The university has already sent 177 layoff notices to school employees.

City leaders from the area said that continued problems could lead to a decline in student enrollment which could lead to a loss of revenue for the area.

Additionally, state lawmakers said that if the stalemate were to end both sides will have to meet in the middle.

"The solution won't be found in leaving Springfield to its own devices, but you speaking out more and more and more everyday," said state senator Dale Righter, R-Mattoon.
State representative Reggie Phillips, R-Charleston, said that, "this isn't and shouldn't be about who gets re-elected or why we get re-elected.  Right now, it's about funding our higher education."

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