Cuts Coming Once Again for DPS 61

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DECATUR- A new round of budget cuts for DPS 61.

Millions to be exact, will be cut from the districts already strapped resources.

COO Todd Covault said, “it is an incredibly difficult process that the board is faced with right now because we are literally making estimations, on estimations, on estimations because there are more unknowns then there are knowns.”

$3.9 million dollars of cuts will be made varying from where. But the largest cost saving cut will come from middle school mac books. Delaying the purchase will save the district $1.5 million.

Covault said, “until we have a better handle on economic normality we are going to have to delay some of the things we had planned on doing.”

The board has not voted on any staff reductions but they will have another meeting March 15th to discuss more.

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