ISP troopers team up, locate missing teenager

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DUPO – On February 23, 2016, at 3:40 p.m., an Illinois State Police trooper was flagged down by a driver on I-255 near Dupo, IL.  The driver said he was worried about his teenage child because the child had not returned home from school.

The driver further also said he was also receiving concerning texts from his child.  An approximate location of the teenager was determined and additional troopers and officers with the Dupo police department responded to the area to begin searching for the teenager.  

Using their forward looking infrared system, the officers in an airplane found the teenager in a wooded area.  

Less than two hours after he was reported missing, the teenager was safely reunited with family members.

“Teamwork is what quickly and safely resolved this situation and I would like to thank the Dupo Police Department for their assistance,” stated Colonel Tad Williams, ISP Division of Operations Deputy Director.  “This is just one example of the great work police officers perform on a daily basis."


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