Macon County Democrats announce endorsements

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DECATUR- The Macon County Democratic Central Committee has endorsed the following candidates for the March 15, 2016 Democratic Primary Election.

U.S. President – Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate -Tammy Duckworth

Illinois State Comptroller - Susana Mendoza

13th Congressional District - Mark Wicklund

96th State Representative District – Sue Scherer

101st  State Representative District – Christine Law

Macon County States Attorney - Jay Scott

Macon County Recorder - Mary (Tangney) Eaton

Macon County Auditor - Carol Reed

Macon County Board District 1 – Rachel Joy

Macon County Broad District 2 – William "Bill" Oliver and Helena Buckner

Macon County Board District 3 – Timothy Dudley and Bryan Smith

Macon County Board District 4 - Patricia Dawson

Macon County Board District 5 – Jeffrey Doyle

Macon County Board District 7 – Marty Watkins

Chairman Jim Underwood encourages Macon County residents to exercise their right to vote March 15th and reminds everyone that there are also many opportunities to vote early.




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