Snow? Fire Up The Smoker


Decatur – Winds blowing.  Cars sliding.  People shoveling.  Possibly the last gasp of winter pounded central Illinois.  But that did not stop at least one barbecue smoker from being fired up. 

PT, owner of PT’s barbeque in Decatur, did not let a steady snow stop him from cooking various meats outdoors. 

“I got ribs over here,” PT said as he showed WAND’s Doug Wolfe what was cooking on his smoker.  “Some rib tips.  Chopped pork.  Chicken.  Beef brisket and turkey breast.”

PT says he smokes & cooks his meats four to five hours to serve his customers.  He does it in the winter cold and the summer heat.

Coffee Connection in Decatur also helps give you the feel of summer during the winter storm.  They served up out WAND crew with a summer drink, an iced mochachino. 

(Pictured: PT’s Barbecue at Franklin & Decatur Streets)

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