Christian County Hit Hard by Wednesday's Blizzard


Christian County - Giant snow drifts were seen in Christian County as dangerous winter weather rolled through central Illinois on Wednesday.
State police had to block part of Route 104, just outside of Pawnee, to allow IDOT clear the snow.

The conditions on Route 104 also caused one semi to jack-knife between Taylorville and Kincaid.
Elsewhere in the county, Route 29 to Springfield saw it's share of cars go off the road.
Those dangerous traveling conditions prompted Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp to issue a Level two snow emergency for the county.

"That means all roads are snow packed and covered, and very hazardous that snow is, as you can see, is blowing and that we've got drifting and the visibility is very bad.  Unless you have a four-wheel drive, you're going to end up in the ditch and end up getting hurt," he said.

While the snowfall may be done for much of central Illinois, Kettelkamp added that there would still be plenty of travel hazards throughout the night.
However, the sheriff canceled the snow emergency and re-opened closed roads and continues to urge that drivers be careful Wednesday afternoon.

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