Motorists Stranded For Hours By Wrecks

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NIANTIC – For motorists on I-72, their nightmare began around 11 AM Wednesday morning.

An eastbound semi-truck jack knifed on the interstate causing a closure of that side of the highway. Traffic was then re-routed at the Niantic exit onto Route 36. Cars slid off into ditches and then another semi-truck jack knifed on route 36 causing a back-up of forty to fifty vehicles, according to the Macon County Sheriff's office.

That's when the road was closed and traffic was turned away. Two snow plows were stuck, and so were the motorists. Some spending five hours in their vehicles waiting to move.

All afternoon tow trucks shuttled between I-72 and Old Route 36 freeing motorists from snow drift or ditches. The Niantic Fire Department helped by opening their doors to those that could escape.

The road was finally opened shortly before 4 PM Wednesday.

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