Logan Co. leaders discuss heroin use

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LINCOLN-Police, emergency workers, public officials educators and others met to discuss heroin prevention in Logan County Tuesday.

The meeting is part of an effort by the Healthy Communities Partnership to develop a strategy to address the growing use of heroin in the county. That strategy would have four parts: prevention, treatment, enforcement and harm reduction, organizers said.

“As we continue to work through the whole continuum of care, those four pillars, we’re going to grab what’s working, what isn’t working what do we want to focus on, and then develop goals for each pillar, develop action plans … and come up with a comprehensive community action plan,” said Angela Stoltzenburg, manager of the Healthy Communities Partnership.

Organizers said one goal is preventing drug and alcohol use among younger children, since starting drug use, drinking and smoking at younger ages can make children more likely to use drugs like heroin at older ages.

“The earlier an individual starts using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, the more likely they potentially will end up in an addiction situation,” said Nadia Klekamp. “We know the human brain isn’t fully developed until your mid-twenties.”

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